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If you are looking to achieve anti-aging and slimming results without surgery or injectables, our body sculpting services may be for you. We offer non-surgical facelifts and non-invasive slimming, toning and permanent fat reduction services.


Body sculpting is a safe option for targeting problem zones that have been resistant to diet and exercise. To deliver the best results, we use equipment that is optimised to cater to the unique physiology of women and men. An initial consultation will determine which treatments will be most effective for you.

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/ FREE Slimyonik Oxygen Massage

Accelerate your body sculpting results by combining your fat freezing session with a Slimyonik treatment.


For a limited time, enjoy 6 x Slimyonik sessions for FREE (value $594) when you purchase a 6 x fat freezing treatment pack.

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