About Cryo King

We offer an honest, inclusive, no-fuss approach to athlete recovery & pain management. Our team believe in personalised treatment plans and empowering every individual with the knowledge to make informed decisions about the needs of their unique mind and body.


Cryo King welcomes everyone at any stage of their wellness journey.

/ Our Facility

Cryo King is a purpose-built facility offering the world's best science-backed recovery solutions. We have travelled the globe to bring the best technological solutions home to Newcastle for your wellbeing.


Technology from Poland, America, Italy, Germany and Australia is all combined here in one place. For one purpose. To help our clients achieve optimal health.


Mission Using science-backed innovation, our mission is to deliver a range of wellbeing services with honesty and integrity in a way that fosters personal growth and encourages ongoing learning about holistic health.

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We're here to help everyone achieve optimal health and wellness.
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We empower clients to make informed decisions about their own health journey.
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Our goal is an inclusive wellness community that values honesty and integrity.
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Let's become better physically and mentally - and learn something along the way.
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We should all be striving to learn something new. Every single f/king day!

/ Our Story

The Cryo King clinic is born from a place of experience, a place where we believe the human body is capable of more than we know, a place we call the remembering. Our science backed technology helps to engage the ancient parts of your body to help it heal itself, with the aim to reduce or eliminate our reliance on toxic pharmaceuticals and diminish their role in our lives.


Our Purpose - To help people from all walks of life achieve optimal physical and mental wellbeing so they can kick their life goals and become the best humans they can be