CRYOTHERAPY: It's freezing, but it's fast.

In 3 mins, your face and body are rapidly chilled, treating you to an epic boost in

circulation & endorphins; triggering a myriad of mental & physical benefits.

/ Cryotherapy Newcastle

A cryotherapy treatment involves exposing the entire body to sub-zero temperatures. The icy temps stimulate blood circulation, triggering many health benefits ranging from accelerated healing to anti-ageing, weight loss and stress relief.


Metabolic and caloric burn rates are increased, inflammation and pain are reduced, and endorphin levels are boosted - helping to elevate mood and reduce stress. This top-to-toe treatment is perfect for anyone looking to speed up the body's natural recovery process, lose weight, manage pain or amplify their general health & wellbeing.

Services - Cryotherapy

Benefits Of Cryotherapy

  • Reduced recovery time after training or injury
  • Relief from pain caused by inflammation
  • Increased collagen production and anti-aging
  • Stress relief and better sleep
  • Improved mood and brain function
  • Metabolism boost and weight loss
  • Treatment for skin conditions

/ Why Cryo King?

To offer a true whole-body cryotherapy experience, we use the °CRYO ARCTIC™ chamber. Unlike many cryo chambers that only treat the neck down, the °CRYO ARCTIC™ uses heat exchange technology to create a safe, breathable atmosphere so your face is also rewarded with collagen-boosting, anti-aging and anti-inflammation results.


Because safety is important to us, the °CRYO ARCTIC™  comes from the only TGA approved cryotherapy company in Australia. Reaching temperatures of -140°C / -220°F, it is also the coldest and most effective whole body cryotherapy chamber on the market.

/ How Does Cryotherapy Work?

A Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) session lasts just three minutes, but the full cycle of internal reactions can last for days.  Once inside the °CRYO ARCTIC™ chamber, cryogenically cooled air is released, exposing the body to extreme temperatures as low as -140°C. The rapid drop in temperature will lower skin temp to 4°C and push oxygen through your system.


As temperatures normalise, your blood vessels expand, boosting blood circulation and flooding the body with nutrients and minerals. This process triggers the biochemical reactions that promote recovery and improve performance resulting in a host of physical and mental benefits.

Every individual is unique, and results will vary from person to person. If you are unsure if this therapy will get the results you are after, please get in touch to discuss your goals and we’ll help you select the right treatments for you.


Yes. It’s
F/king Cold.

/ Cryotherapy FAQs

Improvements in the skin’s appearance and increased energy are immediately noticeable after the first treatment. For longer lasting results, a minimum of 10 sessions is generally recommended.


If you are using cryotherapy for training and sports recovery, or ongoing pain management you may want to continue with regular treatments.

Cryotherapy treatments are fast and efficient, with the actual treatment only taking 2-3 mins. After your first session, it shouldn't take you any longer than 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish for subsequent sessions.


There is no need to shower before or after your treatment - this makes cryo the perfect lunchtime appointment!


We’ll provide you with a robe (so you can undress in the chamber) as well as gloves, socks and earmuffs to protect the skin. Under the robe, you’ll need to be wearing the protective items and underwear (all jewellery must be removed and women must avoid bras with metal wire). One of our team members will ensure you are wearing proper attire.

Results vary from person to person. Most people feel results right away with an elevated mood and greatly reduced pain that can last for hours or days after a single treatment.


Depending on your condition, muscle pain and improved mobility may be immediately apparent and last for hours or days following your treatment.

Whole-body cryotherapy treatments are completely safe as long as the proper protocols are followed. 


We use the °CRYO ARCTIC™ chamber from the only TGA approved cryotherapy company in Australia.


Unlike other cryotherapy chambers, our CRYO Arctic cryo-chamber only exposes you to breathable air vapour, and not to harmful nitrogen gas. The nitrogen is filtered out through the system before the air comes in contact with your body.


The CRYO Arctic also has an adjustable window so you have the option to keep your head above the cold air vapour.

Most people can use cryotherapy, however, it can be unsafe for people with certain medical conditions including:


  • Anyone with unmanaged hypertension
  • Anyone with a pacemaker
  • Anyone with a history of or is currently being treated for cancer
  • Anyone with deep vein thrombosis
  • Anyone who is pregnant
  • Anyone who is experiencing an illness or allergy to cold

If you have questions or think you might be at risk, please give us a call and we will advise if it is ok or if you should speak with your healthcare provider before visiting.

Cryotherapy treatments use dry cold air so it is not painful like icy water or ice baths.


Some people enjoy the invigorating cold, others may find is slightly uncomfortable, but it isn’t painful.