/ Infrared Sauna - Bring A Friend For Free!

Experience all the amazing benefits of a Cryo King Sauna Session for a no-fuss flat rate of just $45. All sessions in our 2-person sauna are 45min - we don’t charge any extra person fees, so essentially this means that you can bring a friend along for FREE.

Lock in a sauna sesh with your bestie today and reap the benefits of our full-spectrum infrared sauna together. Tailor your session with chromotherapy lighting and a playlist of your choice and you've got yourself a 45min catchup that's good for your mind, body and soul. Win, win, win.

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So what is Infrared Sauna and how can it benefit you?

An infrared sauna offers a comfortable, restorative experience by directly warming your body, not just the air around you. Using infrared technology, as opposed to traditional steam operation, you can experience a more intense sweat at lower temperatures.


Our full-spectrum infrared sauna offers an amazing range of health and wellness benefits. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to reduce stress, clear stubborn skin conditions, relieve aching joints and muscles or add an extra boost to a weight loss program, book your two for one infrared sauna session today!

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